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CEO Message

Mr. Sajeev Kshasthriya Rajaput
Dear Visitor,
Thank you for stopping by. My name is Sajeev Rajaputhra, and I'm the CEO of SAS3 TRADING COMPANY.
It is my pleasure to introduce SAS3 to you.
With 22 years of expertise behind us, we are proudly continuing to help bring dealers and vehicle users globally within reach of their desired vehicles. Although we are experts in automobiles, it is our underlying philosophy that sets SAS3 apart from all other companies. Please allow me to share it with you.


Our philosophy at SAS3 is different from what you might find anywhere else. We don't strive to be extremes such as the "largest exporter" or the one that has the "cheapest prices for best quality". We have been around long enough to know that those are the wrong things to focus on.
Extremes frequently come with compromises.
The fastest car is usually not the most comfortable. The largest exporter is typically not capable of giving each client the necessary individual attention they deserve. The cheapest prices are often not acceptable in quality, and the best quality hardly ever comes at the cheapest price.
At SAS3, we stopped focusing on extremes like that a long time ago. Because of this, our targets aren't numeric. The number of units we exported, the number of markets we're in, or how much profit we made, while important, are not what we concentrate on. We gravitate towards something more abstract, something that we believe should be at the heart of every business:

Creating Value

We are constantly thinking of ways to create value for our clients. That's why we provide a Japanese Warranty for our vehicles, Aftercare Services to our customers, and make safety a key issue by providing complete transparency about the cars our clients purchase, and add on a Safety Package to select vehicles. At SAS3, it is important to us that we not only participate in this industry, but that we also drive it forward.

Building Relationships

At the core, we are all about the relationship we have with each and every client we are fortunate enough to serve. Everything we do is for the betterment of that relationship. Our success in this regard has been proven many times over by the fact that the clients we started with are still with us almost a quarter century later. We have been able to retain them by targeting 3 specific areas where we strive for excellence every single day:


Our No. 1 Priority is winning and maintaining the trust of our clients through absolute transparency & honesty. I couldn't emphasize this enough, as nothing is more important. We do this by:
Let me give you a very small example. Have you ever heard of an offer of the "best quality cars for the cheapest prices?" Many have. That's an old sales gimmick. If you take a moment to think, you'll realize that if you are offered a low price, you'll probably get low quality. If what you're looking for is high quality, you can be sure to get a higher price. After all, we only get what we pay for. At SAS3, we never make promises on either extreme of the spectrum.
So what do we promise? Well, between paying less for poor quality and paying too much for high quality is the Zone we focus on, called "VALUE".


We dedicate great effort to providing each client with vehicles of the HIGHEST VALUE at a given budget.
Our expertise in this particular area derives primarily from our experienced Vehicle Assessment Team, which includes trained, qualified & licensed Japanese mechanics, and our Auction Team, all of whom are well-informed specialists on daily changing market trends and prices. These two teams work together to identify automobiles of HIGH VALUE based on a thorough analysis of what a vehicle is worth at a given level of quality.
With that data, the rest of our Team works together to help provide the most valued vehicles that best suit each client's requirements, and offers every conceivable option to make the best-informed decisions. All of this is communicated clearly, accurately, and regularly, which brings me to my next point.


SAS3 always maintains quick, clear and open communications at all times so that any questions and issues can be addressed and dealt with immediately.
Buying a vehicle is a big deal. At least, we think so. And there's nothing worse than sitting around waiting for responses. And sometimes, things happen that we can't foresee or avoid. But through quick and accurate communication, any issue can be resolved amicably. That's why our Team works around the clock to keep our clients updated with the necessary information. Clients can also use our comprehensive IT system to track everything they need from their computer or mobile device as we upload everything to their personal accounts.
But allow me to add a small caveat here: Just as we don't believe in extremes like "best quality" for the "cheapest price," we don't believe in the "perfect company for everyone" either. Not every company and the philosophies and practices therein are made of one size to fit all. It's all about the VALUE for you.
If you feel that SAS3 can provide you with the best VALUE for your time and hard earned money, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. If you elect otherwise, I wish you the best of luck in your search for the right partner to attend to your needs.
For those who do choose to initiate business with SAS3, we look forward to starting a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you. And as always we eagerly await your feedback about our products and services so we can always be aware of if we're on the right track in our quest to serve you best.
Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.
Most Respectfully,
Sajeev Rajaputhra
B.B.A., B.Dv., M.Th., Executive MBA
SLAAJ: International Director