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About SAS3 Trading Co. Ltd.
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SAS3 was founded 22 years ago in 1996 when Mr. Weerasinghe, a Sri Lankan business man from humble backgrounds, had a big dream in seeing the potential of the Japanese car export market and decided to take the biggest risk in his life; he left behind all that he knew to venture into an unknown territory with nothing but a confident heart, steadfast determination, and a hopeful prayer.
From this humble start with a one-man office, SAS3 has seen tremendous growth, not just in terms of exports to the different markets we serve, but also in terms of the relationships we have built with hundreds of clients that we have assisted all over the world. Today we have offices in Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya, U.K., Thailand, Australia and the United States, serving over 30 markets.
SAS3 is one of the only second-generation companies in the Japanese vehicle export industry. It is a testament of the durability and longevity of SAS3 as an organization, reliable supplier and provider of service to thousands of clients worldwide.
At the heart of SAS3 is the belief that creating value for clients and building meaningful relationships with them are the most important factors in business and that if done correctly, everything else will fall into place. This formula has been the catalyst for the remarkable growth at SAS3 for 22 years, and will certainly continue to be in the future as well.